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ist immer hier

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BeitragVerfasst am: Di Nov 04, 2014 17:02:11 
Titel: Letzter KLM MD-11 Passagierflug
Antworten mit Zitat

scheint überhaupt der letzte Passagiereinsatz einer MD-11 zu sein…

...KLM will operate three final farewell passenger flights of the MD-11 on Nov 11, an event that marks the end of the Dutch carrier’s 80-year association with Douglas Aircraft and its successor, McDonnell Douglas. Starting with the introduction of the DC-2 in 1934, KLM has operated every member of the Douglas Commercial (DC) family including the DC-3, DC-4, the little-known DC-5, DC-6, DC-7, DC-8, DC-9 and DC-10. KLM flew the last scheduled MD-11 flights in late October. Although the final enthusiast farewell flights are effectively sold out, KLM is still offering a seats to a few lucky winners in this contest.

The retirement of the final passenger-carrying MD-11 also marks the end of the trijet widebody commercial airline era. By the time the passengers disembark from the last flight in Amsterdam, it will have been just over 43 years and three months since the first DC-10 entered service with American Airlines in Aug 1971. Yet the MD-11, which was supposed to extend the legacy of the trijet concept into the 2020s and beyond, barely outlasted the final DC-10 in passenger use. The last DC-10 passenger flight took place in February this year……..

gute Info hier:

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